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Stephanides & Son Luxury Goods

An award-winning website for an Avant-Garde in luxury.

Fashions change but style is timeless. A. Stephanides & Son Luxury Goods has been the name in luxury style in Cyprus since 1960. They have been bringing to their clients the finest work from the world’s most renowned watchmakers and jewellery designers. However, their old website did not portray nor communicate this, and they needed to redesign & redevelop it.

A. Stephanides & Son Luxury Goods entrusted BLEND Digital to redesign and redevelop their website to better position who they are. They required a site that would exude their leading position in the market and better showcase the luxury brands they represent. This was also a great opportunity for me to creatively approach this with an elegant, animated and luxurious design, aiming for a high-end feel. The final result was very well received website with many compliments, excellent impressions, and has also won us 4 CSS Design Awards and 1 Silver Cyprus Marketing Award.

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